Almost made it

Today’s morning ride was a race against an oncoming mass of rain, and I didn’t quite make it.  I rode around 14 miles, and the first 10 or so were dry, but then the rain caught up with me.  When I set out, it was an exceptionally muggy 65° out, and by the time it started raining, I was starting to get hot.  I had the same problem yesterday afternoon, when it was in the 80s and muggy.  I could feel myself starting to overheat coming up the final hill before home.  The humidity becomes second nature by June or July, but this time of year, my body isn’t acclimated to it yet.  I’m sure hydration is a big part of it; in the summer, I get used to drinking a lot more water, but again, in April I’m not quite in that habit yet.  So to make a long story short, when the rain started during this morning’s ride, it actually felt great.  It probably won’t be quite as refreshing this afternoon when it’s 10° cooler out.