Miserable Ride

Lesson of the day (reiterated):  Just because there’s no green on the NWS radar, doesn’t mean it’s not raining.  This morning, instead of a steady rain, we had a persistent mist with a steady wind.  I’d take a downpour over the mist any day.  The mist is relentless, hits you everywhere (as opposed to just falling on top of you) and gets you 10 times wetter than a steady rain.  I arrived at work completely soaked.

This was my third ride on SPD pedals, and my third time riding them in the rain.  I like them so far, but the shoes I got to go with them are decidedly not waterproof, and unfortunately my existing neoprene shoe covers don’t fit over them.  I’m going to need to pick up a larger pair, because the mist completely soaked my shoes, and by the time I got to work, it was starting to work its way through my wool socks.  Advice of the day:  when your shoes get wet, stuff them with newspaper (or in my case, recycled paper towels) to dry them out faster.  I did this as soon as I arrived at work, and hopefully they’ll be dry in a couple of hours.

In addition to a set of shoe covers, I think I need to pick up a waterproof helmet cover.  Today I rode without a hood, and I kept wishing I had something to keep the rain off my helmet.

It has certainly been a damp April.  Hopefully we’ll start to dry out over the next few weeks