Bike to Work Day 2011

Today is “Bike to Work Day” in central Maryland, so I did what I do pretty much every other day:  I biked to work.  Unfortunately there are no BtWD “rallies” anywhere near where I commute, so I didn’t register for the event, nor did I attend a rally.  My hope is that eventually, this will get popular enough that there will be more rallies in convenient spots.

Here’s the route I took:  starting on Montgomery Rd near Elkridge Elementary School, I headed westbound, and turned right to stay on Montgomery at the intersection with Marshallee Dr.  I rode out past Rockburn Elementary and turned right onto Rockburn Dr.  At the end of Rockburn Dr., I took a right back onto Montgomery, right on Kerger, and right on Ilchester.  I passed Ilchester Elementary and OLPH Church, turned left onto Beechwood, right on Bonnie Branch, left on Ilchester, and then hung a right onto the Grist Mill Trail and into Patapsco State Park.  I followed the trail to the end where it turns into Glen Artney Rd, followed that to the end, turned right onto Gun Rd, left onto the park entrance road, exited the park, and turned left onto South St in Relay.  I followed that to South Rolling Rd, turned right on Francis Ave, left on Selford Rd, right on Sulphur Spring Rd, left on Shelbourne Rd, left on Poplar Ave, and into UMBC.  I take this route fairly often, maybe once a week or so.  I saw a grand total of zero other riders until I got into the park.  I saw two people riding through the park, and passed another going the opposite direction on Selford.  Grand total:  3 riders, 1 male, 2 female.   Of those, I knew one, and 2 were obviously commuting, and the third I couldn’t tell.  On a typical (non-Bike-to-work-day) morning, I’ll see one or 2 riders, so today was about par for the course.  Not overwhelming, but not too surprising either, given the lack of events in the area.  Too bad we’re not in Baltimore City, which sounds like it’s going to be bike central today.