Nearing the halfway point

Getting close to the end of June, and the midpoint of 2011.  I’m on pace to finish June up with 75 or 76 rides, which is around 10 fewer than the same time last year.  Most of those rides were lost in February and March, for which my crash on Feb 8 is partially to blame.  But so far in 2011, I have yet to have a month where I rode as many times as the same month in 2010.  Unless something happens to keep me off the bike next week, though, June should break that streak.  I rode 15 times in June 2010, and I’m currently at 14 for June 2011.  Assuming I ride with around the same frequency the second half of 2011 as I did the second half of 2010, I’ll finish up 2011 with around 165 rides, compared to 174 in 2010 and 144 in 2009.

The past week has been classic swampy Maryland summer weather.  It hasn’t been extremely hot, but the humidity has been off the charts.  Probably for the best, because I’m getting acclimated to it now, and it’s only going to get worse in July and August.

My single speed bike is finally back in the rotation – I rode it 4 times this week – and knock on wood, all seems well now with the rear tire.  Unfortunately, the bike is still not 100% right..  something is amiss with the headset.  It’s got a slight knock, and if I try to tighten it up enough to keep it from knocking, it starts to bind.  So something is apparently wrong with either the bearings or the bearing surfaces.  Not sure if the crash damaged the headset, or if I hosed it up earlier when I adjusted my stem height and then forgot to tighten it back down.  But in any case, I’ll get the bike shop to take a look at it, but in the meantime it’s not keeping me from riding the bike.