Maryland Summer

Well, it took 6 months, but I finally picked up a ride on 2010.  Today marks my 16th ride of June, compared with 15 last June.  Looks like I’ll finish up June with 17, as I plan to ride tomorrow, and I’m off on Wednesday the 30th.  July is relatively low-hanging fruit too; I rode 14 times in July 2010.  We shall see how it goes.

It’s so humid out these days that I feel like I’m losing 10 pounds per ride.  Pretty much par for the course for Maryland in summer, but I do find myself pining for just one pleasant day once in awhile.  The sad thing is, this week it’s been much nicer than last week, and I’m sure someone living in a saner climate would still find it horrible.  Another hallmark of Maryland summer is the constant prediction of storms that never seem to materialize.  My last 6 rides, I’ve taken my single speed bike, which has fenders, because storms have been in the forecast all 6 days, and fenders come in handy when it rains.  Of course, so far we haven’t gotten a single drop.  Tomorrow the rain chances have finally dropped out of the forecast, so I’ll switch to my road bike.  Which means we’ll get a monsoon tomorrow afternoon.