Planet Bike FTW

Well, it happened.  I rode my fender-less road bike to work today, and now it’s raining.  So much for my theory that “30% chance of storms after 3:00” means it isn’t going to rain near Baltimore until evening.

I have a set of Planet Bike “SpeedEZ” fenders for this bike, because full fenders don’t really fit it.  But I don’t like riding around with the fenders all the time, because they rattle, tend to get knocked out of alignment easily, etc. and most of the time I don’t need them, because this is my fair-weather bike.  But, they’d be perfect in a situation like this, where it was bone dry during my morning ride, but figures to be wet for my ride home in a couple hours.  I could keep the fenders in my office, and put them on when I need them.  The problem is, the fenders are missing a couple of parts.  I’ve been meaning to seek out replacements, but didn’t feel like running around to various bike shops trying to track them down, and didn’t feel like paying exorbitant shipping rates to order a couple of small parts off the Internet.  Today’s weather finally inspired me to check out Planet Bike’s web site to look for parts.  To my surprise, replacement parts were available there for cheap, with free shipping to boot!  I ordered what I needed, plus some extras “just in case”, and I am an extremely happy customer now.

This experience inspired me to also contact Topeak customer support, to ask about getting a replacement bungee tie-down cord for my “beam rack” MTX, which I lost a couple months back and have missed ever since.  We’ll see how that endeavor goes.

In any case, it’ll be nice to have those fenders back in service, and available on days like today.