Once again we find ourselves in the month of September.  September is one of those months that’s neither here nor there.  It doesn’t really feel like summer any more, but it’s not autumn yet either.  It’s still humid and muggy all the time, and I work up a good sweat every time I ride my bike, but it’s too cold to use the pool most of the time.  The tropics are cranking out a new hurricane every week.  I think September should be declared a separate season.  We’ll have Winter, Spring, Summer, Troptember, and Autumn.

This week, we’ve got endless rain on deck from the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee.  It was drizzling when I rode to work, but not enough to make me want to wear rain gear.  I did pack it along, though, for the first time since last spring.  I suspect I’ll need the rain gear for the ride home this afternoon.

All this rain is a good thing, though, because it’s keeping a big category 3 hurricane out at sea, which otherwise might have threatened the east coast.  Yep, it’s that time of year.

Won’t be long ’til October…

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  1. Wow, WordPress says this was my 400th post. Hard to believe I’ve done that much rambling. My first post ever was November 18, 2005. That was 2118 days ago, which works out to 1 post every 5.3 days. I was using the Blosxom blogging engine back in 2005, and my blog was hosted at UMBC. In April 2006, I switched to b2evolution, and then WordPress in 2007, both locally hosted at UMBC. Roughly 3 years ago, I moved the blog to, where it’s lived ever since. The hosted version has its drawbacks, but it’s nice not to have to worry about self-maintaining the blog software. Instead, I can devote more time to writing my mindless drivel.

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