April in review

April was my first “light” riding month of 2012.  I rode only 11 times, compared to 14 times in April 2011 and 16 in April 2010.  I did beat 2009’s total of 10, barely.  The blame lies entirely with my schedule over the past month.  I was on vacation at the start of the month, followed by a business trip the second week, and another business trip at the end of the month.  I spent a grand total of 11 days in the office.  My goal for 2012 is 180 rides, which is an average of 15 a month.  Despite a torrid start to the year, I’m now 1 ride off that pace.  I should be able to make it up in May.  Then I’ll want to bank some rides in August, September and October, which are traditionally my most active riding months, because November and December are usually light.  But barring injury or some other issue that prevents me from riding, I should be able to hit 180 pretty easily.

This year, I’m trying to get better about logging mileage for every ride, so I can get an idea of total miles ridden at the end of the year.  I typically only log rides at work after my morning ride, and then I figure out mileage for the afternoon ride by reading the bike’s odometer and subtracting.  It’s accurate enough for my purposes.  I’m trying to maintain an average of 20 miles per round trip ride.  If I ride 180 times in a year, that works out to 3600 miles.  I’ll see how it goes I guess.