Today’s Brew Notes

  • Beans: German St Coffee and Candlery Private House Blend
  • Attempt #1:
    • 13 grams coffee, 200 grams water (roughly 1:15)
    • 95°C water
    • 2 rotations (medium-fine)
  • Attempt #2:
    • 11 grams coffee, 200 grams water (1:18)
    • 99°C water
    • 1.5 rotations (fine)
  • James Hoffman’s Ultimate Aeropress Recipe

I’m not sure exactly what kind of beans these are. It looks like a medium roast (darker than light, lighter than dark) but the bag doesn’t have any info on it. I remember getting OK but unspectacular results with it in the French Press. Previous attempts with the Aeropress were underwhelming, and today’s weren’t much better. This recipe assumes a light roast, so I started out by tweaking it with a slightly coarser grind, lower temperature and more coffee per volume (Attempt #1) and that turned out underextracted. Then I tried treating it like a light roast, following the recipe exactly, (Attempt #2) and that turned out weak and flavorless.

Although neither of these cups was very good, Attempt #1 was slightly better. I might try Attempt #1 again with a finer grind, and see if I can get more extraction out of these beans. If not, maybe I’ll go back to French press with a really long steep time, or just use the beans to make cold brew.