Brew Notes

  • Beans: Lost Dog Coffee “Mocha Sidamo” Organic Dark Roast (Ethiopia)
  • 17 grams coffee, 160 grams brew water
  • 85°C water
  • JX 1.5 rotations minus 3 clicks (fine)
    • See comments — an even finer grind than this (1 rotation plus 6 clicks, or 36 total clicks), seems to work better
  • Recipe: V60 Style Aeropress (dark roast)
  • Cup #1: 80 grams bypass water (240 grams total; 1:14)
  • Cup #2: 40 grams bypass water (200 grams total; 1:12)

I got pretty good results the first time I tried this recipe, but didn’t measure how much bypass water I added. The recipe calls for 100mg, but even 80 tasted weak to me. 40 grams (a 200g cup) seemed about the right strength, and was not a bad cup. Given that the recipe calls for so much more water, I’m wondering if I’m not getting enough extraction out of the beans. I don’t think I want to go up much on the water temperature, so I guess I could try grinding even finer and see what happens.

2 thoughts on “Brew Notes

  1. I brewed the same recipe today, except I used a grind setting of 1 full rotation + 6 clicks (36 total clicks, or 12 on the grind chart), which is 6 clicks finer than yesterday, and 3 clicks above what 1zpresso considers an espresso grind. Unfortunately, I forgot to zero the scale after adding the coffee, so I think I ended up brewing with less than 160 grams of water. I diluted with 80 grams. I think we are moving in the right direction, as this cup seemed a little bit more full-flavored than yesterday. I do think it’s slightly more caffeine than I want, so I may scale back the amounts a bit once I get the recipe dialed in.

  2. Brewed this again just now, and I was a little bit more careful with my weighing. Exact same recipe and proportions as cup #2, with 36 total clicks on the JX. Made a nice, strong, rich cup. I think this one is a keeper.

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