Tomorrow’s Brew

Thinking about trying this:

  • Beans: Lost Dog “La Esparanza” medium/medium dark blend
  • JX: 2 turns less 6 clicks (54 total clicks, or 18 on the grind chart)
  • 90°C water
  • 15 grams coffee / 180 grams water (1:12)
  • One new paper filter (pre-moistened)
  • Inverted: Add water and make sure all grounds get wet as quickly as possible / steep until :30 / stir for 5s / steep until 1:30 / slow press

This keeps the same ratio and water temperature as last time, but uses a finer grind and simplifies the recipe by eliminating the separate bloom. I’m trying to aim for a French press style cup that doesn’t take as long to brew. We’ll see how it turns out..

Verdict: I have finally managed to brew bitter coffee with the AeroPress! At least I now know that it’s possible. I think my first modification will be to try grinding a little bit coarser.

8/8 update: Brewed again with a coarser setting: 2.5 turns/25 on the grind chart, and it did not make any noticeable difference. The cup was still very bitter tasting. At this grind setting, I’m brewing essentially the same thing as two days ago, minus the initial 30g pour and bloom step. So, apparently, that step must make a big difference.