Morning Notes

We are in the midst of the most intense and prolonged early-September Mid-Atlantic heat wave that I can remember. It’s fairly common to have days in September that top 90°F, but the past two days have pushed 100°, and the heat is expected to last until Thursday. The saving grace is that the dewpoints have been a little bit below what is typical for mid-summer, making things slightly more tolerable, and there’s less daylight and lower sun angles this time of year. I did manage to get out for a run this morning. I left the house at 7:10 and ran 5 miles. I hope to get out for a swim later this afternoon.

I’m down to the last cup of the coffee beans I’ve been brewing for the past week or so. After several near-perfect pourovers, my last couple of cups have been a little bit on the bitter side. Not quite sure why that is, but I may try making the grind a little bit coarser for my final cup. Then, depending on how that turns out, I’ll decide on an initial recipe to try with my next bag of medium roast beans. I only have one half-pound bag of beans left, so it’s going to be time to buy a bag or two soon. I’ll likely go back to one-pound bags, and may check out a local roaster like Zeke’s Coffee, which the grocery store down the street from me carries.

Just a quick update: I brewed the last of the beans this evening after dinner. Exact same recipe, except I had 19 grams of beans left (so the cup was a little bit stronger) and I ground them slightly coarser at 2 turns on the JX, or grind setting 20. This turned out great, without any hint of bitterness. Once again, a small adjustment to the grind made a big difference. Curious how things will go with my next bag.