A tale of 2 brews

  • Beans: Lost Dog Coffee “La Esparanza” medium/medium-dark
  • Grind: “Finer end of medium” – 1.5 turns on the JX minus 3 clicks, or 42 total clicks
  • 90°C water
  • 15 grams coffee / “around” 200 grams water
  • James Hoffmann’s Ultimate Aeropress Recipe

I’ve been using a different recipe with these beans, and while the first cup was great, I’ve had mixed results with subsequent cups. After a slightly bitter cup this morning, I decided to try the James Hoffmann recipe this afternoon. Two days ago, it gave me great results with medium roast Starbucks beans. However, my brain must have been somewhere else this afternoon. I used the same grind setting and water temperature, which I guess you can argue are the two most important parameters. However, I forgot to zero my scale before adding the water to the brewer, so I’m not sure how much I used. I just filled it up to what looked like 200 grams. It might have been a little less. Then, I turned my kettle off while the coffee was brewing, forgetting that I was using the stopwatch to time it. So, I guesstimated the initial steep time as well. I think it was around 2 minutes (per the recipe). The swirl, secondary steep, and plunge went off without a hitch, though.

As I was winging this, I was betting myself that it was going to end up being the best cup of coffee I ever tasted. Well, I’m not sure I’d go that far, but it was pretty darned good — definitely better than any other recipe I’ve used with these beans — and who knows if I’ll be able to reproduce it. Go figure. 😀 I guess it goes to show that you don’t always have to be 100% precise to brew a great cup of coffee with the Aeropress. Doing it consistently is still a work in progress, though!

1 thought on “A tale of 2 brews

  1. Brewed this again today. Again, I forgot to zero the scale before pouring the water, so the volume of water was imprecise. However, I at least got the timing right this time. Went exactly per the recipe: 20 second pour, 2 minute steep, swirl, 30 second steep, 30 second press (total time 3:20). It was one of the best cups I’ve brewed to date! Now, if I could only remember to zero that darned scale…

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