Today’s Brew Notes

  • Beans: Lost Dog Coffee “La Esparanza” Organic Medium/Medium Dark Roast (Nicaragua)
  • 17 grams coffee, 160 grams brew water
  • 90°C water
  • JX 1 full rotation + 6 clicks (36 total clicks, or 12 on the grind chart) (fine)
  • Recipe: V60 Style Aeropress (dark roast)
  • 40 grams bypass water for a 200-gram cup (roughly 1:12)

This was the best cup I’ve gotten so far from these beans using the Aeropress. My previous tries all turned out under-extracted. I suspect I had been grinding the beans too coarse. This recipe seems to work best with a very fine grind. This was the exact same formula I used yesterday with a darker roast, except I increased the water temperature from 85°C to 90°C. Seems like I’ve found a go-to recipe for medium to darker roasts.