La Esparanza

I used up the last of my Lost Dog medium/medium-dark blend beans today, and they have left me with more questions than answers. I thought I had them dialed in with this recipe, but I brewed it twice today identically to yesterday (scaled up slightly for the second cup because I had 17g of coffee left), and both cups turned out bitter. The taste was very similar to the cups I brewed a few days ago when I skipped the bloom phase. The most consistent thing about brewing these beans was the inconsistent cups I got with seemingly-identical recipes. One day, it would be the best coffee I ever tasted in my life; the next day, it would be weak; and the next, it would be bitter. I have no idea why, but the beans are gone now, so I guess I’ll never know. All I can do is move on to the next bag I want to use up, which is my “Mocha Sidamo” dark roast. By my estimate, I have enough of that for 8-10 cups, depending on how strong I make it. I’m thinking about starting with around a 1:10 ratio with a rather coarse grind and a brewing temperature of 85-90 Celsius. I’ll also try making some cold brew with them. These are single-origin beans, so I’m curious if I’ll get more consistent results with them. However, they are about 3 months old, so I’m a little concerned that they might not be so fresh any more. I’ll find out tomorrow.