First Mow of the Season

Today was the big day — the beginning of the annual mowing routine. Of course, if it stays this dry, I’m not sure how much mowing I’m going to need to do this year. Today was fairly typical as far as the first mow of the season goes — serving mainly to whack down the onion grass and make sure the tractor is running OK. In that regard, it was a resounding success. As usual, the very front of the lawn didn’t need mowing yet. This year, as parched as it looks, I’m wondering if it ever will. The moles have been hard at work too, which wouldn’t really bother me, but they are making it bumpier and bumpier, which makes it a major pain to mow. This season, I may pick up a lawn roller and try to flatten it down a bit. Of course, that means we’ll need some rain at some point to soften up the ground…

Tomorrow, I’ll see about getting the trimmer going and whacking down some weeds.

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