Today’s Second Cup

I opened another new bag of beans to brew a mid-afternoon cup. These beans are from Amity Coffee Roasters in Greenwood, DE.

  • Beans: “Angel Albino Corzo-Chiapa” medium roast (Mexico)
  • Grind: Fine – 1.5 turns on the JX minus 6 clicks, or 39 total clicks
  • 90°C water
  • 15 grams coffee / 200 grams water (1:13.3)
  • One new paper filter (dry)
  • James Hoffmann’s Ultimate Aeropress Recipe (20 second pour, 2 minute steep, swirl, wait 30 seconds, press 30 seconds)

This is a slightly finer grind than I’ve used with medium roasted beans in the past. Also different is that I only used one filter, and I did not wet it. This was probably the best cup of coffee I’ve brewed in a couple of weeks! Always great to hit on a good recipe. I may try these same tweaks with my “La Esparanza” beans, as the last cup I brewed with them seemed a little under-extracted for some reason.