Road Bike

Took the road bike this morning.  Since I took the fenders off this bike, I’ve been trying to only take it out on dry, sunny days, which are hard to come by around here this time of year.  With cloudy skies and a “chance of sprinkles,” today’s weather isn’t what I’d call ideal for taking the road bike out.  But after several consecutive days on the fixie, mashing up hills and spinning at 160rpm downhill, my legs needed a breather.

I used to ride this bike with a rack trunk and a single side pannier, but lately I’ve taken a liking to riding with 2 side panniers and no trunk.  That way I can mount two blinkers on the back, one on the seat post and another on the left pannier.  The trunk made it impossible to use a seat post blinker, and my rack doesn’t have a reflector mount that I can use.  Getting rid of the trunk was the easiest solution short of buying a new rack.

Still got the annoying rear derailleur squeak.  I am really hoping that new pulleys will get rid of this.  Stay tuned.