9000 miles

I hit 9000 miles on my road bike this morning, on my way into Patapsco State Park.  I was on the service road on the Howard County side that leads from River Rd. to the Avalon day use area.  I hit 8000 back on July 12, 2011, so it took around 8 months to log the latest 1000 miles.  I think I’m logging miles faster on this bike than my other two, because I tend to take longer rides on the road bike than on the others, and my usage of it has been on the increase, relative to the other two, due to dry weather last summer and this past winter.  I knew I was getting close to 9000, but I wasn’t expecting to hit it this week, because I didn’t think I’d be riding the road bike today.  We were supposed to get rain overnight last night, and I was planning to switch to a different bike with fenders this morning.  However, the rain never materialized, so I stuck with the road bike because all of my racks etc. were already on it.

Today marks my final ride before the switch to Daylight Saving Time.  I shouldn’t have any more rides in the dark until November, so this weekend I’ll take my helmet-mounted lights off, which will lighten up my helmet.  I remember the helmet feeling heavy when I first put them on in the fall, but I’ve long since gotten used to having them up there.  Also, over the next week or so I’ll be taking the studded tires off the mountain bike, and switching from Power Grips back to SPD pedals.  Nothing like spring.  Next thing I know, I’ll be mowing the lawn and popping allergy drugs again.

2 thoughts on “9000 miles

  1. Hi, I found your blog on Google. I just moved to Nunnery Lane in Catonsville and am looking to start commuting to work on Amberton Drive in Elkridge… are there any routes you would recommend?

  2. I lived in that part of Catonsville for a short time back in 2001. If I was going to do that commute, I would probably try something like this: http://goo.gl/se7Ux
    Your big problem is going to be getting across US 1. The left turn onto Amberton is not going to be fun. I am not real familiar with that business park, but on the Google satellite map, it looks like there might be a path through the woods connecting Santa Barbara Ct with the Neighborhood to the NE (Athol Ave). If you can get through there, you could modify the route to cross US 1 at Montgomery Rd and go through that neighborhood, something like this: http://goo.gl/UH54Y
    That would likely be a much better ride. Montgomery and US 1 is a busy intersection, but the signal pattern makes it relatively easy to cross on a bike. If you have to cross US 1 in that part of Elkridge, that is the place to do it. Good luck, let me know how it works out.

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